Bandook RAT v1.35 [NEW]
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  • Princeali
  • April 1st 2007
  • 94279
  • 3.14MB
  • C++
  • Remote Windows Administration Tools | Spy
  • Windows NT, 2K, XP, Vista
Bandook is a FWB#++ reverse connection rat (Remote Administration Tool), with a small size server when packed 30 KB, and a long list of amazing features
Main features list of the program:
  • Firewall bypass method: FWB#++ (Code injection, API unhook, kernel patch)
  • Reverse connection, all traffic through one port
  • Safe thread based client
  • Persistance (Irremovable)
  • Rootkit
  • Plugins based server (30 KB packed)
  • Very friendly graphical user interface
  • Different installation paths
  • PNG / JPEG compressions for screencapture and webcam
Managing features:
  • Filemanager with all types of functions, including folder mirror, rar folder/files, file search, infect files, multiple files download / upload, download / upload manager
  • Registry editor with all type of functions
  • Process manager (Shows full path, and modules Manager)
  • Windows manager (including a send key Function)
  • Services manager
Connection features:
  • Socks 4 proxy
  • HTTP / HTTPS proxy
  • Port redirection
  • TCP tunnel
  • HTTP web server
  • FTP server
  • Remote shell
  • Flooding (Mailbomb, DDOS attacks)
Spying features:
  • Screen manager with screen clicks
  • Cam manager that supports system with multiple cams
  • Mic manager (Record voice from microphone)
  • IMs spy (MSN, YAHOO, AIM)
  • Keylogger (live)
  • Offline keylogger (Colored HTML), Live passwords, IMs Spy with automatic delivery to FTP
  • Cached PWS fetcher [6 embended PWS plugins]
  • VNC (Remote desktop live control)
  • Site detection: Check all your computers and know which one visits a specific site
  • Clipboard manager
  • Information about the remote machine
  • Cache reader
  • Screen recorder (Record the user activities on the screen into AVI movies)
  • Shutdown menu
  • Nuclear Fun Agent (Fun)
  • Download from web / mass download / selection download
  • Visit site
And many others features, try it yourself
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Bandook 1.36 is available for sale, when buying a private copy you get the following:
  • Undetected From Anti Virus
  • Vista Support (All Features works on Vista)
  • Unicode Support (Arabic , Chinese , etc ..)
  • Translatable Interface (Currently available in over 10 languages)
  • File Resume Support in File Manager
  • Network manager (Shares)
  • Embedded PWS Grabbing
  • Support and Upgrades
  • Works on Limited user Accounts
  • Lots of Bug Fixes and a Lots of Additions
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