Nuclear RAT 2.1.0
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  • Caesar2k
  • September 4th 2007
  • 150403
  • 1.26MB
  • Delphi
  • Remote Windows Administration Tools | Spy
  • Windows NT, 2K, XP, Vista
Feature highlight:
  • Unicode support, you can see folders, windows, text, in any world language, that Windows can support. Tested with korean, japanese, arabian, vietnamese, chinese, portuguese, spanish, russian, and more! (Check the screenshot)
  • Very fast and secure listings (for windows, file manager, network manager, etc). Navigate through the remote computer HDD like if you were opening on your local computer! Use the "Go To" commands to reach the folder you want, perfectly fast. The same applies to the registry!
  • Improved keylogger, you won't have problems with double accents (~~, ´´), get a smooth result from the keylogger, and easy to read text
  • Network manager allows you to browse the other computers in the same LAN (that are already authenticated), upload, download and delete files from those other computers in LAN! No need for installing a server on another PC (just to browse the LAN shares)
  • Hybrid support for both direct and reverse connection modes. You can receive connections on your client at the same time you connect to direct connection servers
  • Huge list of possibilities for process injection, decide where to inject your server, where to install, startup methods, and have full control over your server creation. Inject to default browser, custom windows, start any type of program, inject to winsock enabled applications, inject to all applications, etc
  • Multiple transfers at once (multi-threaded) or queue transfers system.
  • Very powerful plugin system, where you may add anything your mind could think of. Add netlimiters, socks, encryption, rootkits, compression, password stealers, cd key stealers, offline keyloggers, anything!
  • Support for very big files, up to 5 PB
  • Intrinsic help system, clicking the "?" will help you understand certain functions from the program
  • Multi language support for the client, see the program on your primary language (should be available soon)
  • Filemanager with Quick Edit feature: edit plain text files without having to download them and upload again! Also, there's a new "Create New File" feature, makes you able to create new files quickly, without having to upload a new file!
  • All transfers have "resume" feature, even network transfers. Resume folder downloads, uploads, downloads and network uploads and downloads
  • Very fast IP scanner, use the remote machine to execute IP range scans for you
  • Two other new revamped features: Connection Bouncer and Remote Service Reacher. Those improved functions will help you to reach the remote computer services that doesn't allow direct connections from WAN
After the feature highlight, now some of the features:
  • Screenshot with PNG compression, save to file, auto-rename, send mouse motions to the screen, enable timer
  • Webcam shot with PNG compression, save to file, auto-rename, enable timer
  • Keylogger with support to accents and language specific symbols
  • Computer information with valuable information about the computer
  • Mouse control with get/set position, Get text under mouse cursor
  • Screen resolutions, turn off/on monitor
  • SOCKS5 daemon
  • HTTP Fileserver, with unicode support. Browse the computer HDD using your browser, and download files as well
  • Remote shell with support for either ANSI and Unicode (Windows XP won't allow Unicode support natively)
  • File manager with: Download folder, download file, upload file, Quick Edit, Create New File, Properties, live search files, go to path, open, run hidden, play mid/wav files, COPY, MOVE, RENAME, delete, map network drive, create folder, delete folder, bookmarks to "SYSTEM32", "WINDOWS", "MY DOCUMENTS", etc, OPEN/CLOSE CD TRAY, and much more. Attention: VERY FAST
  • Window manager with a lot of features, like hide/show, enable/disable x, rename caption, and SEND KEYS to window
  • Process manager, with module (DLLs) manager, with inject and uninject capabilities
  • Registry manager with all types of registry types, REG_SZ, REG_MULTI_SZ, REG_DWORD, REG_BINARY, REG_NONE, etc (IMPROVED)
  • Transfer manager with two modes, queue and transfer all at once
  • Clipboard manager with Unicode support like it should
  • Plugins manager
  • Connections (inspect the connections that the client is currently receiving)
  • Remote connections (inspect the connections that the server is currently making)
  • Network manager with download/upload/delete files from the same LAN without the need of a server on the other computers
  • Shutdown/Restart/Log off computer
  • Message Box
  • Multiple threaded web download
  • Fast IP range scanner
  • Chat to remote computer built-in, with unicode support, on both sides!
  • Raw ShellExecute API, to perform any type of shell operation you wish
  • Connection bouncer (former port redirect)
  • Remote Service Reacher (former TCP Tunnel)
  • Quick menu where you can even link outside programs, files, anything!
Tons of configurations, this list is almost full, although there are a lot more features to explore
For language files or plugins for Nuclear RAT, click here
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By buying a private version of Nuclear RAT you can get:
  • Better anti-heuristic mechanisms
  • Anti-virtual machine mechanisms
  • Smaller server size
  • Bugs fixed from the public version
  • Undetected by most AVs
  • Increase of max concurrent transfers to 12 (3 in public version)
  • Increase of up to binding 10 plugins when creating the server (2 in public version)
  • Increased stablity
  • Support (where applies)
  • Some private plugins
  • Can run on limited user accounts, even with FWB enabled
  • Unique
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