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Bandook 3.0 , Private Copies Available posted by Princeali on November 5th 2016
Bandook is currently at version 3.0 with many additions working on all OS and is available as private copies , aside with many private projects ,dont hesitate contacting me for more info at princeali@hotmail.com
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Instant Password Stealer Released posted by Princeali on April 10th 2012
Hey guys , i just released a password stealing utility which grabs passwords out of latest IE , Firefox , Chrome , Safari , Outlook , Windows Live Mail , Windows Live Messenger and others and send directly to ur email , the tool supports Win7 and is 64bits compatible , also note Bandook v1.6 is available as Private / Undetected edition , contact me for more information
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Alive and available all time :) posted by Princeali on February 24th 2011
Hello , people you didn't hear from me in public since long time , i am still active however i am only developing private projects aside with my real life Job , Bandook was and still under development since 6 years and its a version 1.4 and available as private version only with many additions , many other special projects are also available , just letting u know i will still be here , too bad we wont have any public project for now.
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News from the dead posted by caesar2k on February 9th 2011
Damn, a lot of time went by. Have been offline a lot lately, but looks like I'm back, but, for some people, with bad news.
I have zero motivation (money isn't a motivation) for win32/x64 programming anymore. After I started coding in web languages, like PHP, Ruby and Flash ActionScript, I lost all interest in windows programming. What would take months to be accomplished in Windows programming, takes a couple of days (or hours depending on the complexity of the project) in a web scripting language, and it's cross platform, without having to worry about different versions, if x64 or x86, etc.
What does this mean? It means, finally, that I'm officially dropping my public projects, I don't have the will to rebuild, retouch, thousands of lines of old code, in case of Nuclear RAT 3.0, 133k lines of code, of client and server combined. Or understand the x64 PE format, or learn about the new rootkit methods, "firewall bypass" methods, code injection, etc. I might create and release, someday, a new approach on trojanning, like I mentioned in some earlier news, using Flash or another mashup of technologies that allow remote administration without all the hassle of win32 programming, but I'm not promising anything. Nuclear RAT 3.0 is sitting there, on it's folder, broken and rendered useless since I started recoding the whole project, 2 years ago. It's hard to let a 5 year project, go. Seed 2.0 is also sitting there, broken. Took me web development to learn version control, Git/SVN that is, otherwise it wouldn't have happened I guess.
To everybody that emailed me (a couple of hundreds unread and unanswered emails), I will try to reply them all, those who emailed me in English/Portuguese of course.
The site will still be online, I will try to answer emails, with any questions that any of you might have regarding this, whenever I can, but I cannot also promise a prompt reply.
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Xmas Discounts on Bandook posted by Princeali on December 2nd 2009
Greetings everybody , it has been a long time since i posted here , however i would like to take the opportunity to announce discounts on Bandook 1.37 Private editions (VIP , VIP Plus , Business)during this month , the offer is valid only until the new year , i would like also to let u know that i will have a new program released on new year , i will leave it as a surprise for u guys ,i wish all u all a merry Christmas and happy new year from now :)
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